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By Space Coast Daily // June 5, 2024

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Streaming and films reign supreme in the entertainment world, even though the environment constantly changes. In 2023, the American film industry was surprised by the growth in its revenues, which stood at 13.5% and was worth $10.2 billion.

We will make a turn, but it leads toward upwards. However, amidst this success, there’s a catch: plenty of viewers do the cut-to-the-chain method to save on their monthly bills by subscribing to cord-cutting services or free streaming sites such as 123mkv as well as its companions.

What is 123mkv?

123mkv is one of the most reliable free video streaming platforms. It provides series/movies in various languages. For instance, it contains several areas to investigate. So whether you are a fan of Hollywood movies, Tamil dramas, or Bollywood blockbusters, there is something for everyone here. And there is something for everyone at the cinema: children’s films, action fans, comedy lovers, and horror movie watchers.

Quick List: 123Mkv Alternatives

Here are the top nine alternatives to 123mkv that provide similar material for streaming:

  • Popcornflix
  • 123Movies
  • Movie2k
  • Crackle
  • SolarMovie
  • WatchSeriesHD
  • FMovies
  • YesMovies
  • Attacker TV

Is 123mkv Legal or Not?

123mkv is not a law-abiding website; the same is true with most streaming sites offering ready content. They often host illegal content, which might mean trouble ranging from hackers stealing your data to infecting your device with viruses and malware. And let’s not forget the big one: though the pirated content is shared, it can be illegal, and you could land in hot water.

In addition, 123mkv and the other sites are similar to torrenting sites, allowing users to download pirated movies and TV shows for free.

Most states are strict about torrenting and movie-streaming sites free of charge; as a rule, they get closed down. 123mkv was not without its mini-scandals, as it often faced a tough time from authorities, which was the reason for its closure.

This was the case initially, but more and more similar sites or replacements have become available. But here’s the fact that they are exposed to legal risks is, in all likelihood, why they don’t stay for long. They are still out there, wearing black and white, for now.

Top 9 Alternatives to 123mkv in 2024

Since 123mkv is no longer around, several alternatives have emerged. Check out these top 9 picks:

1. 123Movies

First on the list of the finest 123mkv alternatives is 123Movies. It is a free video streaming website with a wide range of content, including old classics, new releases, and even programs like the Oscars.

The website is easy to navigate, and you may choose from various genres. However, as previously stated, while these sites may provide the best information for free, they are also harmful and not fully virus-free.


  • An extensive content library
  • Easy to navigate
  • Content filtering and subtitle languages


  • Limited features
  • Not Fully Virus-free
  • Pop-up advertising is featured

2. YesMovies

After 123Mkv, YesMovies is an alternative platform. You can select shows from the Movies or TV Series tabs and filter them by genre, country, or Top IMDb rating. However, during testing, I faced an issue of not playing or pausing the movie or show, which made it quite difficult.


  • No commercials
  • An extensive range of categories
  • Simple to navigate
  • HD connections


  • The website contains viruses
  • Slow response to functions

3. 2KMovie

2KMovie is the next best alternative to 123mkv. This website, like 123mkv, offers similar content. Here, you may watch free movies and TV shows, some of which are in high definition.

If you’re looking for diversity, numerous genres are available, such as horror, children’s shows, thrillers, comedy, and more. However, it comes with excessive advertisem*nts, which might affect your device and data.


  • High-definition streaming
  • User-friendly interface
  • An extensive library of content


  • Containing harmful content
  • Too many advertisem*nts.

4. Attacker TV

Attacker TV is another substitute for 123mkv. It provides many shows from different genres, such as animation, action, drama, crime, and war movies. You can browse by clicking the genre button or using the country, movies, TV shows, or top IMDb tabs.

Although there is sometimes an ad, it is not too much for the user. However, it can involve viruses; therefore, be careful with that.


  • HD links
  • Fast response rate
  • Simple UI
  • No registration needed


  • No offline accessibility
  • Ads
  • Viruses

5. Popcornflix

It is also an alternative to 123mkv, but because of these honest reviews, Popcornflix was not the easiest to use, lacking in usability. Aside from that, it earns a rank for providing a wide variety of categories and genres.

However, finding them is difficult because they are not immediately presented in the main menu. To view different genres, manually open each tab. The website also has a lot of advertisem*nts. The best option to gain access is to use a VPN.


  • There is a good range of content.
  • No Need to get a registration


  • The content is not legal.
  • Too many advertisem*nts.

6. FMovies

FMovies, like other free streaming platforms, is a very popular choice, and people who use them can find content similar to 123mkv. So, it is a choice, but. To search for a movie or a TV show to binge on, click the search icon or browse the categories.

Genres, Country, Movies, TV series, Top IMDb, and many more categories are included. In some cases, the material is CAM printmaking; in others, it is an HD copy. FMovies have one drawback: the enormous number of adverts. The vast majority of them are erotic and disgusting.


  • Regularly updates the library.
  • HD connections are available.
  • Several genres to pick from.


  • Advertisem*nts with p*rn or sexual material
  • Copyright material
  • Slow loading times

7. WatchSeriesHD

WatchSeriesHD, another free 123mkv alternative, has been around for quite some time. It provides access to a large selection of streaming content, similar to 123mkv.

The website is easy to use, but there are too many advertisem*nts and pop-ups at every turn, which hurts the streaming experience. In addition, if you click on the wrong ad, you may end up on a dangerous page.


  • Easy to navigate.
  • Fast Speed
  • Comprehensive content library


  • Far too many advertisem*nts.
  • Rated as harmful

8. SolarMovie

SolarMovie is the last of the 123 Mkv options. It provides access to old and new TV series and movies in various streaming formats. When you try to stream particular shows, the website prompts you to establish an account before you can continue watching.

Another difficulty is that this website occasionally goes down due to the nature of its content, and it is unlawful to access under EU law.


  • Offline watching is possible.
  • Presents the most recent films.
  • HD connections.


  • Account creation is required for certain shows.

9. Crackle

It is Crackle, an ex-Sony company that is now the strongest 123mkv competitor. It conveniently provides a user-friendly way to browse the movies and TV shows you want.

The account can be created from where the personalised settings are, and it is safe from viruses. Yet, some links may be faulty, and the service may not be available in all the countries. Check out ExtremeVPN as a bonus security feature.


  • Parents gain control by creating an account.
  • There is plenty of information to select from.
  • No viruses


  • Certain connections are not available in every country.
  • Slow response time.


123mkv was a favourite for streaming, but it was forced to close down following the exposure of hosting illegal links that broke copyright laws. However, this is the case with a lot of the torrent sites. If these options also result in similar problems, then there is a need to consider other options. Hence, we suggest using only premium and legal platforms: BBC iPlayer, Hulu, Netflix, etc. They provide a safer and more dependable streaming experience without fear of being endangered by legal issues.


Is 123mkv safe?

On a sad note, 123mkv has been rendered illegal, and you cannot access it in any country. However, Stop worrying more other free movie sites are out there, for example, SolarMovie, Presentseries, 2Kmovie, Yesmovies, and some others.

Has 123mkv been shut down?

The website was shut down in 2023 because its content violated copyright and license rules.

What is the greatest alternative to 123MKV?

123Movies and Attacker TV are regarded as the greatest free streaming websites comparable to 123mkv.

Is it possible to access 123mkv alternatives with a VPN?

Yes. You should use ExtremeVPN when viewing any free movie and TV show streaming websites, including 123mkv alternatives.

Alternatives to 123mkv and Similar Sites for Watching Free Movies Online - Space Coast Daily (2024)
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